June 29-30

Gateway Gauntlet

An Infinity Dire States event held in Saint Louis

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The Gateway Gauntlet

Greetings! We are proud to announce the second Gateway Gauntlet! It will be held on the 29th and 30th of June at Game Nite in St. Louis, MO. The number of entrants will be 64 and the entry fee will be $40. All participants will receive an event patch! This is a two day, 300 point, ITS event. No add-ons are being used.

  • Admission
  • Event Patch
  • Swag Bag
  • Lunch on the first day
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  • Power Pack

  • Frontline

  • Annihilation

  • Engineering Deck

  • Armory


The Gateway Gauntlet will be held at Game Nite, located in the General Grant Shopping Center in St. Louis.

8380 Watson Rd, St. Louis, Mo 63119

Gauntlet Challenge

The Gauntlet Challenge is an event exclusive to the Gateway Gauntlet. At the beginning of the third round, each table will have a challenge patch placed on it. The winner of the third round will receive the patch. The receipent will then display the patch prominently on their bag, case, or any other velcro'd surface. Someone in possession of a challenge patch may be challenged to a game of Infinity, the stakes being the patch itself (and maybe some pride 😉)

Who Are We

Greg Patterson

Greg Patterson

Tournament Organizer/Warcor

Jimmy Hannabass

Jimmy Hannabass

Tournament Organizer

Charles Badger

Charles Badger

Tournament Organizer

Buno de Kort

Bruno de Kort

Social Coordinator